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Cenmeds SDA (Specially Denatured Alcohols)

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What is SDA?

SDA or Specially Denatured Alcohols, can be used in a wide range of applications. Often used in creating cosmetic products, it can also be used as a manufacturing aid, as a chemical component in a solvent, or even in as a pharmaceutical reactant.

Also referred to as SDS, which stands for Specially Denatured Spirits, this solvent is also used in lab laboratories for the purpose of cleaning equipment. Because it has a denaturant, it is unfit for drinking purposes, yet maintains the qualities that keep it as a useful cleaning agent. The SDA 40B, our item # A375540B (ethanol w/ Tert Butyl Alcohol and Bitrex) contains a bitter tasting component, which you may have encountered if you’ve ever unintentionally sprayed perfume or cologne in your mouth. Bitrex is a Denatonium Benzoate, known as the bitterest substance, and is the leading branded safety ingredient used in a variety of domestic and industrial applications. SDA 40B is often used as manufacturing aid, including for products such as perfumes, sprays and lotion.

Is SDA taxed?

SDA is not taxed like other pure alcohols, because it is not consumable. However, in order to acquire SDA, a permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is necessary. It becomes particularly necessary if more than five gallons are purchased any given year.

How do I purchase SDA?

We contract manufacture and distribute SDA in small and large volumes. Offering a variety of SDS/SDA formulations including our most popular SDA 3C, SDA 3A and SDA 40B, Cenmed can provide you the SDA that you’re looking for. Each SDA contains a different denaturants. The SDA 3C contains ethanol combined with 5% of IPA (our item #A375503C), while our SDA 3A contains ethanol with 5% of methanol (our item #A375503A).

Offered in a variety of sizes, our most popular formulations can be purchased in 4x1 Gallons, 5 Gallon Cubes, or 55 Gallon Containers, depending on the amount that you need.

There are so many denatured alcohol standard formulas and all of them are also available. If the above mentioned SDAs don’t suite your needs, please speak to one of our helpful customer service people.  

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