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- Microbiology




 Cenmed is a leader in servicing your microbiology needs. Cenmed  offers an exclusive range of products used in clinical laboratories to  isolate and identify the bacteria or other organisms that cause  disease. 

 We are proud of the high quality microbiology products offered by  Cenmed including:
 Uritrac Test Kit- A semi-quantitative culture test for the detection of  urinary tract infections.




  • Features a dip paddle method, thick media, and nail heads on the paddle


  • No waiting time between collection of samples and inoculation of media


  • Screens out negatives easily, with faster negative result reporting


  • Saves time and money by eliminating the work of labeling and streaking out 2 media plates


Anaerobic Transport System and Accu-Swab Culture Collection and Transport Swabs

Our Anaerobic Transport System  is a self contained sterile, ready to use system. This transport system is recommended for use in maintaining the viability of obligate anaerobic microorganisms, as well as aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria, during transport. The Accu-Swab anaerobic transport system is manufactured and packaged in an oxygen-free, reduced state to prevent the formation of toxic oxidized by-products that may damage obligate anaerobes and inhibit the growth of more fastidious species.

Specimen collection swabs for laboratory and hospital use. Plastic swab-stick with polyester tips.