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About Us



Our job is to make the customer's job easier.


Our business strategy is simple: we work hard to bring you cost-effective healthcare and laboratory supply solutions, while focusing on helping your hospital, medical center, or laboratory increase profitability.

Our Commitment

At Cenmed, we strive to maintain a progressive corporate culture that enables innovation and serves the customers' needs. We are committed to providing our customers a fast and easy means to facilitate order placement and management.


Established in 1992, we have grown from a small two person operation, to a worldwide supplier, yet privately held.

Serving both as a manufacturer and a distributor, Cenmed consists of two distinct business units- Manufacturing and Distribution. Along with self manufacturing over 1000 SKUs, Cenmed also Representing over other 4000 manufacturers, and sells both direct and through major distributors.

With a product line which is upward of more than a million items, Cenmed probably has what you're looking for. If the items that you're looking for are not listed on our website, you can contact us directly.



Cen-Med Enterprises, Inc.

President WOB, 8(a), SDB, MBE

121 Jersey Ave  
New Brunswick, NJ 08901